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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fall Season

Fall is such a beautiful time of year and even with no trees on our property, there is still an abundance of leaves for Jaron to rake into a pile for Kaden. He wasn't sure what to make of the pricklyness, so we couldn't get him to smile.
It seems like every time that I put Kaden down for a nap and try to take one at the same time, he wakes up early. So when I got home and found this, I thought I'll just work on the computer for a few minutes until he wakes up and well it has been almost two hours! What a nap I could have had!!!

Friday nights we play a friendly game of poker with friends and we knew Kaden would not stand to miss the action by being in his bouncy seat... so we came prepared and we were right! He stayed up most of the night.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

As of today...

Well, we went for a "weigh in" at the dr.s on Monday and Kaden weighed 11.14 lbs and was 23 1/2 inches. It is a wonderful service that we can just pop in and get him weighed to make sure we are on track! Not three months yet, but we put him in his bumbo chair and he did really well, not long term though. Still not fond of being on his tummy so have to work with the boppy still.

I was up at Kindred Spirit last week and Jerod gets really excited when Kaden is around. He was already to hold Kade. I'm exhausted... Loving my time, but still need to watch what else is going on. ...

Finally got Frankie a bed and well what does he do... a picture was the only way to describe it.

We went to the apple orchard on Saturday and picked raspberries... Kaden slept the entire time. Yesterday Shaunda and I made Jam... Can't wait for breakfast tomorrow.
Well I can't upload any of my images, so I'll post those later!

Sunday, October 7, 2007


Well, the fishing trip didn't take off like they had planned. Weather set them back a week and then they were on their way...

Jaron and Dad putting the cowling back on.

Kaden waiting for his turn to go fishing...Pretty bird!

Kaden has really been rooting around for his thumb and doesn't take a pacifier much. He works the swaddle until he can get to his thumb. This is what I found this morning when I went in.

Kaden spent his first full morning in the nursury at Church and aparently we are told that he wasn't fussy! It was really nice to be able to focus on the message and not worry about him maybe bothering others! He is really getting animated and it is the best listening to him coo and giggle!