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Monday, July 30, 2007

okay already!

Well, It's after midnight so it's Monday morning... and well, I have submitted my main assignment and well, my cousins in from Greece are leaving in the morning, other friends from Washington were here and gone, and well... other than Jaron's softball game Monday night... I'm really ready to go! I guess we shall just have to wait and see. I had Mom take another picture, but it's on her camera... along with all of my pictures from our baby showers. I guess it'll be a big post one day when I can get ahold of her camera. well, I'm going to wrap up a few loose ends then off to bed.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Due Date!

Well, it's here... sorry Curt and Jen, both were off on the date! And well although the baby is moving like crazy, that doesn't mean anything else is happening! Jaron did finish painting the nursery, and put the crib together. It will take a bit to make it girlie if we have a girl, but no big deal. I still have to finish my power point on Cerebral Palsy and then I'll finish my case study after the baby comes. I know that God prepares us to want this baby out! Heartburn is still rampant and well still getting up every couple of hours through the night... may as well have help and the baby on the outside! 2 of 12 at church have had their babies... two boys so far. Don't know anyone having a girl. 3 of us don't know and two haven't found out yet. Well, pictures...

and just for good measure... Frankie! He doesn't like to leave my side.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

nothing yet...

As of my last appointment... nothing is happening and since my Dr. will be gone on vacation... we shall just wait and see what happens! The baby's movements feel much more deliberate now! :) Especially with no more room! Well, I am making some headway on projects for class so that is helpful and feels promising...It helps to have things pressing to do so I am not just at home WAITING. After 3-4 people mentioned facebook, I looked it up and joined and it has been fun seeing what other people from high school and college and beyond are doing. Well, I have taken a longer break than I planned on, but haven't moved from the chair and well, my body is not happy about that! Oh yeah, if nothing happens on its own, we go in on the 31st at 7:00am.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

6 years

Can't believe that it has been 6 years we have been married! Well, the day is almost over and it was my hope that Baby A. would not decide to share this day with us. Can't wait yet, just want to celebrate on their own day. :) Well, I should get to work on my class homework... don't want to get caught with assignments due while I'm delivering! Baby is still moving around a lot... harder to stay focused on papers and projects.

Friday, July 6, 2007

countdown continues

God designed our bodies so amazing to think about the life that is about to meet the rest of the world. How He gives us the time to grow and prepare and acclimate to the changes we face now and will be facing. For instance... I only sleep for two hours in a row at a time, and Baby does not take a vacation even when I am under the weather. Allergies started acting up! But everything is a reminder of how much God knows our needs before we do.

Had the opportunity and permission of my doctor to travel to Wisconsin over the weekend to see Jaron's roommate from college and family! It was a nice break and travel wasn't to hard... just stopped enough and moved around. Went to the Milwaukee Zoo and again marveled at God's creation and how scientists can look and study yet miss the picture. Each animal so unique and every odd function for a purpose. Like it really is a coincidence? It was really fun but I was feeling sore by the time we were done! Amazing how extra weight can slow you down.
The nurse said that the baby has dropped, but really is there any space for the baby to go anywhere? Amazing! Nothing yet! Well that is about all for now... at least that is all my brain can recall!