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Sunday, March 25, 2007


I am weeding through all of the registry stuff and all of the furniture stuff... I know I baby-sat all the time, but it has been years and I am not sure of just exactly what features are helpful and what are "I CAN'T live without". For starters... Cribs. Do I need a side down crib... REMEMBER, I'm short. Or do the mattress heights cover what I would need? What features and items are must haves for new moms? I've been told twice the Baby Wise books have been great... so from there I look forward to help! Jodi

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Finally- here i am!

Well, my first pregnancy pictures! My mom stopped by and so she was able to quick grab some pictures. My nieces were also over...
Well, that's all for now! Jodi

Friday, March 23, 2007


Well, we are waiting to see if we can get a dog. Haven't heard from the breeder yet, but here is a picture. Now i just need to start posting other pictures... ;) ~jodi

Saturday, March 3, 2007

New Additions

Well we should be back home shortly. I am planning on being home (our house) by the end of March. We have been looking at what renovations we would like to do. We have ripped up the carpet in our main living room and wanted to see what the hardwood floors looked like... well they weren't to bad, but we are going to pick out carpet to put back down. The amount of work we would have to put into making them look nice, plus matching all of the other wood around and we just had a new front door put on last fall... so carpet it is. Jaron and his Dad are going to build a wall in our upstairs bedroom sectioning of an area so we can have a walk in closet. We will have a few other things done, but that should be it.
The other addition that we are looking forward to is Frankie... no not our firstborn, but a Havanese puppy. I'm hoping that he will respond to a new name, but I could accept Frankie. We know several people (mostly family) who have gotten puppies from this breeder and they have been wonderful. Most of all since he is already 6 mths, he is supposedly already potty trained. We are very excited as we have both wanted a dog for as long as we can remember.
Still not sure what the future holds for us yet. This week has been a very trying week and many mixed emotions as we try to step out of our role with no one to step in.
I am growing big and I am amazed at the human body and how it adapts and also new problems! I am experiencing heartburn like I never have. I am just exhausted (what feels like all the time). Clothes are a whole 'nother issue. My feet kill if I'm on them for a while. I have resulted into wearing my sneakers now, and this doesn't always fit the look i'm headed for. Well, after this week, I'm already behind in sleep and tomorrow is a busy day... (today is a busy day.) ~ Jodi