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Monday, June 25, 2007

one month

Well, one month from today is our "Due Date"! There hasn't really been much to update... I finished my first grad school class. Don't know what the final results are... I am done working at Kindred Spirit on a daily basis. Still get phone calls though. After this week all of our showers will be over, childbirthing classes will be completed and we are headed to visit Jaron's college roommate in Wisconsin.
My feet are swollen, but that is really the worst of my symptoms. I am generally uncomfortable, but hey, my body is not my own. Sleeping is a task in itself.
Well, as of last night the count of pregnant couples at our church is up to 10! Starting with July 5th, up until February, there should be a new baby every few weeks. Well, I think that is all. I start my next grad class July 5th. Should keep me busy until the baby comes.