Piper Jean Arnst

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Kade and Piper

my little lion... playing hide and seek.She loves the mirror on her swing!

so alert!

Kaden really just adores his new sister. He is always wanting to touch her and kiss her! It is so sweet to hear him say she is beautiful and she is a princess! She is lucky to have such a doting big brother who I am sure will be her protector as they grow bigger! Just wanted to post some new pictures!

Kaden's quips:

Lately Kaden has been making all kinds of funny "misspeaks." Here are a few that I can remember. I will update this post as I can remember more... (oh to only write things down as they happen)

~ Mommy, I need sunshine cream so I can go outside to play bounceketball!

~Kade calls Piper by her first and middle names and we were explaining that "Jean" was her middle name like "McAlister" was his. So I asked him: "Kaden what is your last name?" to which he responded "come here!" Kaden McAlister Come Here! since then he has introduced himself as "my full name is Kaden McAlister Come Here Now!"

~There was a basket of things on the counter and he reached to pull it down. Afraid that it was to heavy for him and it would fall on him, I told him I could help him. He said I got it mommy. I can use my muscles. I am strong, like Jesus! (I am pretty sure that this is from the song Jesus loves me, "I am weak but He is strong")

~We went to Olive Garden for lunch and Kaden was looking at the kids menu which had the characters on the cover. Bene the breadstick, Ollie the Olive, Gina the grape etc... Kade liked the breadsticks (Butter free) and after I tore it into pieces to cool, he put it back into order. This is his head, this it his belly... But he also wouldn't say "breadstick", he would say (in his best italian voice) this is bread the stick!

~ah yes... I did forget! (not a big surprise!) Kade says that Piper is "swallowed" up when we get her ready for bed... we better understand it as "swaddled".