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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

new job

Well Jaron has started his training for his new job and I have been so excited about the opportunity that I haven't really thought much about what he will actually be doing... Last night on the news was about a corrections officer who was smuggling drugs into the very facility that Jaron will be at. Then there were more stories about some who were charged with manslaughter... and well, my prayer life has just been taken to a new level. Well that is my thought for the day... (no pictures accompany this post)!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

been busy!

Wow... although we haven't been busy every day, it sure feels like we have been doing a lot! My parents left for Alaska the day after Kade's birthday and are on their way home today!
Jaron was working for friends from our church when he sliced his finger open...And we just returned from crossing the border 4 times for Maria's wedding on Grand Island in NY. We stopped at Niagra Falls with Kade. I am so very excited about Maria being only 5 hours away instead of 12!!! I have more pictures and will post more in a bit!