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Thursday, July 23, 2009


It was so nice to get away for a quick weekend. We spent time hiking northern MI,

swimming, playing at the beach,
and just relaxing...
and cuddling with Grandpa!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

July part 2

Kade has really taken an interest in cleaning... gets that from his dad. :) Before his nap the other day I told him we needed to "clean up" and put the toys away. We sang songs while cleaning and then it was time for nap... well Kade was not ready. He wanted the vacuum out and wanted to vacuum before nap. When I told him no he about melted down. I took the vacuum out of the closet and told him after nap we would vacuum. That was good enough for him. Sure enough when I got him up he was trying to see if the vacuum was still there and he helped me clean and then wanted "I do it" :) Let's just hope that this lasts!Also Kade thinks that he can swim... We were at Jaron's Aunt and Uncle over the fourth and he wanted me out of the way. He would just jump into the water! I let him go just far enough that he would learn he was not a fish, but that didn't stop him. He would get out of the pool and go around and try to get in from the side! We bought floaties the next time we went to a pool and he still was pushing me away, but at least he was staying above water this time!

I have started a garden this year... first ever and I have one sugar pea and one sunflower so far! The squirrels are getting into my deck boxes and so my basil is paying dearly.
Head and tail hanging out...
This one fell over shortly after I took this picture... not sure if he was still in it.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Since I have only posted once every so often the title is just plain and simple. Well, so far this summer things have been pretty quiet. I have helped out at Kindred Spirit a couple of days and worked my first "shift" in well over two years... things went well. Last night we were able to spend some time with extended Montague family and some cousins from Idaho. It was so great to catch up! Then Kaden's allergies just exploded! So now we have to figure out what outdoor allergy he has! He was sneezing out of control and his skin looked like he was attacked by a swarm of mosquitoes. When we stripped him down and got him into a bath his skin was fire red. :( Poor kid. As soon as the benadryl kicked in and the itching subsided he was okay to play, just looked bad. This morning- no signs! He just likes to keep us on our toes!

I have been having fun playing with vinyl lettering and sewing and quilting. I need to spend some time organizing everything, but still having fun experimenting. I've made some cute pillowcases and "dolled" up some overalls and skirts (not for Kade).

Jaron is almost a year at his job at the prison. Longer if Standish prison stays open. We shall wait and see.

Kade will be 2 on Aug 1! Can't believe it! Love all of his quirky ways... okay he learns them from us, but it has been such a blessing to watch him grow. We are looking forward to all of the new experiences this year will bring.