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Friday, May 18, 2007

not much to add...

Well, since the breakdown of what was new last post, not much has been happening since. Last Friday had friends and family shower... which we can start to put things into place to make the room into a nursury. Of course I can't be around to paint so Jaron gets the job. Well here is an updated picture too...
My mom thinks it's a boy. My sister-in-law says it's a girl (Isabella in fact). Jaron has voiced at one time or another that it may be a boy... I really have no idea. My right side is the target for the feet. Haven't been sleeping real comfortable either. Wake up still exhausted. Well, that's all for now! jodi

Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Well, I couldn't believe that it has been a month since I last posted. Things have been going fine so I haven't thought about all of the changes. We have moved back to our house in Flint. It has been so wonderful just "GOING HOME"! I never realized how taxing it is to live at work. Now we are just commuting back and forth for a short term. My parents have moved into the apartment and are working to learn all of the responsibilities.

Frankie is adjusted to the house after living short term at the apartment. Our neighbor took her house off the market shortly after moving in. We are glad that she is staying. Jaron has helped her out by mowing and I know she is glad not to have the house empty especially after our break in.

I start my first grad class tonight. I don't think that this was the best timing to start when I can barely remember my own name... but it helps open doors for the future. We shall see if I can concentrate enough.

Softball started and the team seems to be off to another great start. 16-1 win by the 5th inning last night. Finished my pottery class just in time for the season to start. I don't play just keep stats. I feel busier than ever right now and just feel like I'm trying to keep my head off the pillow. :) I know life doesn't stop come the end of July. In May and June we have scheduled programs 5 days of the week! Fridays are just together with friends so it will be more relaxing! But all of the sudden... well, I think that is all that I can think of since last post. I'll get some updated pictures soon.

Enjoy God's reminder of spring time that He can make all things new again.