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Sunday, February 17, 2008

sitting up!

Kaden has started to sit up on his own and keeps his balance. Just had his pictures taken...

Thursday, February 7, 2008

6 month milestones!

Kaden had his six month checkup and weighs 14lbs., and is 25" long... not a big boy! But the dr. just says neither are his parents, so that is that.
We have started Kaden on rice cereal, and are looking at adding in vegtables. Since we don't know the extent of his food allergies, we are being careful. We are trying to avoid the really sweet fruits right now due to his yeast problems and yeast particularly likes sugary foods.

On the medical front, he is still battleing the eczema and we go back to U of M hospital soon. This is just a follow up to the treatments we are trying. We have also been seeking the homeopathic non-medicine route, but it is so hard to know what is going to actually work. We would just like to see him off of antibiotics and steroids. Two medicines that we are least in favor of. But we do see results and so it helps.

Jaron is starting a new job, temporary though. But with all of the snow we got yesterday and last night, we both had a snow day today! Well I do have projects to work on and since I have an unexpected day home, I need to take advantage of it!

Just a parting picture: My mom got a hat for Kade, but he pulls it down over his eyes. When we got home from church on Sunday he was sound asleep with lights out.