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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Please help?!!

Well, it hasn't been for lack of trying! I have not been able to sign in to post on our blog from our home computer! There have been many hours of trying to understand what is happening, but I apologize to those who keep checking back to see the same old information! I can barely remember what it was all of those times when I just wanted to share. Well if anyone has any ideas please let me know. When I click to sign on it just takes me to a blank "page not available" page and there is no information further than that! I am at Kindred right now and it does work. I was even looking at another blog "wordpress.com" just so I could keep updated... well, as for now,

We spent most of Thanksgiving with my parents, and now we are headed to see Jaron's parents and drive with them to Chicago to meet Jaron's brother Derek.

We have both been busy, I am long terming at Carman and Jaron has been on 2nd shift for two weeks... yuck! I had an awesome time at the Exceptional Women's conference with my Mom and Sister in law two weekends ago. And then upon return, Kaden had an allergy reaction that I was ready to take him into the emergency room if it continued to get worse. The doctor on call said that we should have an epipen jr. on hand in case... Not fun! He only seemed a little bothered by the whole episode.
Hopefully I can figure this thing out especially since I have so many pictures that I wanted to post. Well I hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday and now that I know I can post on other computers I may be able to go elsewhere! Love to all and God's blessings remembered and shared through the holiday season.