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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Please help?!!

Well, it hasn't been for lack of trying! I have not been able to sign in to post on our blog from our home computer! There have been many hours of trying to understand what is happening, but I apologize to those who keep checking back to see the same old information! I can barely remember what it was all of those times when I just wanted to share. Well if anyone has any ideas please let me know. When I click to sign on it just takes me to a blank "page not available" page and there is no information further than that! I am at Kindred right now and it does work. I was even looking at another blog "wordpress.com" just so I could keep updated... well, as for now,

We spent most of Thanksgiving with my parents, and now we are headed to see Jaron's parents and drive with them to Chicago to meet Jaron's brother Derek.

We have both been busy, I am long terming at Carman and Jaron has been on 2nd shift for two weeks... yuck! I had an awesome time at the Exceptional Women's conference with my Mom and Sister in law two weekends ago. And then upon return, Kaden had an allergy reaction that I was ready to take him into the emergency room if it continued to get worse. The doctor on call said that we should have an epipen jr. on hand in case... Not fun! He only seemed a little bothered by the whole episode.
Hopefully I can figure this thing out especially since I have so many pictures that I wanted to post. Well I hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday and now that I know I can post on other computers I may be able to go elsewhere! Love to all and God's blessings remembered and shared through the holiday season.

Monday, October 20, 2008

first quilt... kinda

Jaron has started his training at the prison now... Which his schedule is still up in the air. I guess it is still a wait and see. It will be nice for him not to have to drive to Lansing every day for a while... nice on gas cost too!

I have been working on a quilt for Kaden. When I was subbing last spring some of the staff got together and had a quilt class and then school was over for the summer and well, I just never got back to it until now. I am kind of at a point where I need the next class so I may have to hunt someone down to figure out what is next.

Kaden does not like it when we put the gate up into the kitchen. Lately he has taken it upon himself to start moving all of his toys from the living room over the gate into the kitchen. The other day he lifted the soccer ball over!

Here he is going back for more...
And then one of his blankets...
he is really ready to go... now why can't he do this with his toys when it is time to clean up!
Earlier this month Kaden enjoyed one of our last warm days outside. Our yard is sloped and the grass is spotty so he was having a rough time getting himself up the "hill" to the deck.
He loves the little "Helicopter" seedlings that fall to the ground.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Kaden is really taken with books. This is no surprise due to his parents love of books. Each time we read a book to him we then have to hide it (usually in the couch) so we don't read it ten times in a row and he will get down, go get another and another. He does get wiggly and we are trying to focus on getting through a book before we start another.

Then in August we were able to attend a friends wedding on Grand Island in New York and Kaden was able to visit Niagra Falls for the first time.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

new job

Well Jaron has started his training for his new job and I have been so excited about the opportunity that I haven't really thought much about what he will actually be doing... Last night on the news was about a corrections officer who was smuggling drugs into the very facility that Jaron will be at. Then there were more stories about some who were charged with manslaughter... and well, my prayer life has just been taken to a new level. Well that is my thought for the day... (no pictures accompany this post)!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

been busy!

Wow... although we haven't been busy every day, it sure feels like we have been doing a lot! My parents left for Alaska the day after Kade's birthday and are on their way home today!
Jaron was working for friends from our church when he sliced his finger open...And we just returned from crossing the border 4 times for Maria's wedding on Grand Island in NY. We stopped at Niagra Falls with Kade. I am so very excited about Maria being only 5 hours away instead of 12!!! I have more pictures and will post more in a bit!

Monday, August 18, 2008


Kaden had plenty of family over for his birthday... finally one, yet hard to believe. My parents are having a good time in Alaska, and my mom went through her seaplane rating in Anchorage. What a great location! We have been busy with a lot of "little of this, little of that". We have been fill in house parents at Kindred and Jaron has been working with Kyle from our church. I finally finished two more masters classes! I've had another interview... just waiting. Jaron starts at the corrections academy on Sept. 8th. Well, that's the quick side of things. Pictures to come. Right now we are relaxing in Sutton's Bay. (Not actually IN the bay...)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Almost there...

Well, I can't believe how time flies, but yes, here we are... Kade is almost one! I need to do a lot of updating, but this was one that just couldn't wait!

This summer has been a very busy one... aren't they all? After our trip I was working at Kindred here and there and am taking 2 summer classes. I wasn't sure if I wanted to or could even do the load, but it will be very nice to have two out of the way. Jaron has been working with a guy from church doing some construction type work and that has really been helpful for our budget. He has been called for a position for corrections so the academy will start in September. I haven't heard about anything yet, but we shall see.
Hopefully I'll get more posted about some of the things we have done this summer... in the midst of it all.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Nebraska, Father's Day and Grandma's Birthday!

We traveled to Nebraska to visit Jaron's brother after school was out for the summer! This was indeed a long drive for Kaden to sit in his car seat, especially after he has learned the freedom of walking! He doesn't let go yet, but he is mobile. Derek enjoys the library where he lives... so did Kaden.

On the last night of our stay, the tornado sirens went off at about 10:30pm and so we had to scoop Kaden up and scoot to the neighbors. Kaden enjoyed his little late night party.

I entertained Kade in the back seat and he loved the camera the most. He would smile and ham it up, then cry when I put it down.

On Father's day, which was Grandma's birthday, the airport my parent are at has a big fly-in, so I went up and Kade stayed with Grandpa and Grandma while I went to church. Kade had lots of fun!

Monday, May 26, 2008


Kade is so big... He is Grandma's little copilot!

Monday, May 19, 2008

miscelleous information

Kaden loves playing with balls and found it difficult to choose when there were three...

Then here is Kade at his allergy appointment, which told us that yes he is allergic to milk, not soy, but also (!) not peanut butter, wheat, eggs or dog!

Recently he has found his legs and now does not find it fit to stay on the ground... and can reach a whole new level of exploration!