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Friday, April 25, 2008

latest and greatest...

Well the latest...

Kaden is moving around like a speed racer... no time to quick go grab something because he shoots off too. :) yeah and praise the Lord for development. We have still been cautios about foods to eat, but other than the occasional red spot he looks good! What a joy in our lives... My mom calls him her "therapy". She watches him Thursdays and always seems more relaxed when I pick him up. (Pray for Kindred Spirit- my parents need to have a break as bad as we needed out!)

My class is completed. Yeah! It feels so good to complete one especially after feeling like I was loosing my sanity. All in context. The class was very on target with what I am currently doing. Still in a long term sub job that will end at the close of this school year, I am working with young children with special needs. As with most things there are obviously days I want to be doing something else, but as I have watched my students grow and just being able to be confident in using sign language to accompany word sounds or even to know that giving a one minute warning and transition will go smoother are amazing accomplishments. To have students that don't even qualify for services anymore is so awesome to know as most of these students will go on to regular education classrooms they will adjust and succeed! The programs of Early On and Early Childhood really service children at early ages! I am so constantly reminded that every day is a blessing from God and everything from our health to physical ability to being able to communicate easily is a gift. As I watch Kaden grow I know that no matter what happens at each stage of his development, God is in control of his life and honestly that is so refreshing. After all of his allergies and appointments, we know that there is something that God is doing in his life. Each child that comes through our school doors is so special and unique. I am blessed to be reminded of the fragility of life each day!

Kaden welcomed two second cousins into his extended family this month! Aidan, born to Jaron's cousin Erin and Dan, and Ruby Rachel born to Jaron's cousin Amanda and Dave! They were born two days apart! Everyone is doing well!

It has been so nice to have the warm weather here... and that is probably the first time I have said that! :) As much as I have always enjoyed the cold weather, and it does seem like it was just yesterday that my mom and I went out ice skating, but it has been nice to take Kade out in the stroller and go for walks! I am hoping to find a good bike trailer as I enjoy biking a bit more. Well here are a few miscellaneous pictures that I just pulled off the camera!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

prayers being answered..

Well to start I didn't mention that Jaron turned 31 on Monday!

Today I took Kaden back to the Downing Clinic for his second electrodermal screening. She retested him after 2 months of treatment and according to his results- he is free of his allergies. The candida is gone and she tested for milk, wheat, eggs, peanuts and dogs... all looked clear. We will probably ask to get another blood test taken just to clear those results, but other than a sensitivity to come chemicals still, he should be fine. We are working on clearing that up too. We are good to start fruits now that the candida is cleared up! Yeah!

I also have finished the bulk of my class work, just a few more things to finish up! The end in sight.