Piper Jean Arnst

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Monday, September 24, 2007

Family walk

We went for a walk today... Frankie got worn out and decided that he didn't want to walk anymore. So he joined Kaden in the stroller.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

growing so fast!

I am amazed at how fast time flies! Well first off naps fly by- whether for me or Kaden! Morning comes oh so fast, then it's night again and then well, morning follows again and well it is amazing that I don't seem to get much done. Well I guess half the time I find myself just gazing in wonder. Last Friday, the 14th he weighed in at 10lb 7 oz. We can go weigh in any time and since his dr.'s office is only 6 blocks or so away, we like to take advantage of stopping in. We have his checkup this Friday though so I guess we are going ahead with immunizations since we have not really taken the time to research like we wanted to.

Kaden has been sleeping at least 7 hours for the last few weeks and well it was seeming that he might be colicky, but today he has been smiling most every time I have gotten him up.

Kaden has found the mirror on his swing and just stares! He doesn't even seem to blink.

Frankie is still jealous of Kaden and tries to see what is going on.

Jaron, My Dad, and brother Joel are headed up to Canada to go fishing this weekend! After all my parents have been through, the plane is on floats and the guys are headed out... It's not Alaska, but it's a start!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Family Tree

Four generations of the Montague family- Great-Grandma Montague (celebrated her 90th birthday), Grandpa (Jim) Montague, Jodi (Montague), and baby Kaden.Great-Grandma Montague, Kaden, Jodi, Grandma (Lois) Montague

Very excited to finally be Aunt Shaunda and Uncle Joel!
Grandma Montague

Uncle Jerod

Grandma Arnst- (Grandpa's picture is still on the camera)
Here is Grandpa!
Uncle Derek moved back to Michigan just so he can be Uncle!

One Month

Amazing how time goes by so quickly! Exhausted yet somehow still functioning. I can't even imagine living this pace for anything else. Nothing could so motivate me to be up at the times of night and putting my body through the depravation. Yet through it all, the blessings of being a mom can not compare.

Kaden has been able to hold his head up and look around for a bit... It doesn't stay up long.

And then there are the moments where you can sit back and laugh...

It was a wonderful feeling to put on my rings again. Sunday I wore a dress from college! Yeah!